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Aardwyrm's Nest: The Works of Malda Marlys

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and the Inscrutable: Short Fiction and Beyond

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Malda Marlys teaches science just outside Chicago and writes the sort of speculative fiction that requires too many qualifiers for the normal flow of conversation. Fortunately the SFFH umbrella is wide (and kind of spooky and full of brass fittings and snakes). An out-of-practice black belt, mediocre birdwatcher, and terrible knitter, ey spends most of eir time being bullied by disreputable housepets and adding to a monumental TBR pile.

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Piles of Books


"Sore Must be the Storm," Defenestrationism Short Story Contest 2020 Finalist

"Mayday," Fusion Fragment Issue #3

"Death Loves Frogs," Love Letters to Poe

(Also available in Love Letters to Poe, Volume 1: A Toast to Edgar Allan Poe)

"Ghost Blue, Ghost Red," Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores

“A Princess With a Nose Three Ells Long,” Fantasy Magazine Issue #88

"Brindle," Manawaker Studios Flash Fiction Podcast

"Egg Thief," Impossible Worlds Issue #2

"The Third-To-Last Write-Up of Penny Wheelwright, Funventure Ambassador," Archive of the Odd #3: Aibohphobia

"Whose Woods These Are," Translunar Traveler's Lounge Issue Nine

"Sealskins, Daughters, Teeth," Fish Gather to Listen, Horns and Rattles Press

"The Salt Ghost," Flash Point SF

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